Unique Gaming Accessories: Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT F430 Cockpit, Gearbox, and more!

    The gaming industry alone is worth US$74 billion and rising. Almost all the gamers have several games on their smartphones and have one or two consoles at home equipped for some thrilling gaming sessions.

    Manufacturers from all over the world have been coming up with gaming devices beyond just the mouse, joysticks, and keyboards. Some are built for durability, others improve functionality and enhance the gaming experience.

    Most of these are built in a futuristic and sleek manner. Although, all of them are built for one sole purpose which is to give the best gaming experience to all gamers, just like they deserve. Let’s take a look at some of the best gaming accessories:

    1. Peregrine Wearable Interface

    What do you use gloves for? Cooking, protecting your hands from freezing in winters, or maybe if you are a doctor you’d use them on your patients. Well, this glove doesn’t fit in the list of those regular ones.

    With Peregrine Wearable Interface, 30 actions can be controlled with the movement of your fingers.

    You can tap and touch on your palm. It has 3 activator pads and 18 touch-points. With this, you can cast a spell just by making a hand gesture! Additionally, this glove is made of washable and breathable material to ensure long hours of gaming.

    2. Thrustmaster TH8RS Gearbox.

    Featuring 7 gears and 1 reverse gear, this gaming piece can make you shift gears in style and with ease. It is highly precise in shifting gears and uses the H.E.A.R.T. technology (Hall Effect AccuRate Technology), for the detection of movement and flawless gaming experience.

    3. Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT F430 Cockpit

    This driving simulator has two metal pedals that are fixated with the cockpit. It is inspired by the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Its metal pedals are fixed to the cockpit to deliver maximum stability and high-speed gaming. It also includes a precision steering wheel for the perfect control during a simulated race. Wish real-life driving was this safe and fun!

    4. Logitech Flight System

    This flight system is perfectly crafted for efficiency and comfortable gaming. Its Force Feedback effect lets you feel the wind shear, turbulence, and g-forces. Illuminated and programmable buttons on the base of the throttle enhance the effect, making you feel like a fantastic pilot sitting in a real airplane cockpit.

    5. Quest 2 All-In-One VR Headset

    This VR headset is definitely every neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride. It’s one of the most phenomenal ways to experience virtual reality where the gamer is transcended into a whole new utopian world. However, the virtual world seems better than the existing world to some gamers. Not only that, it doubles up as a wonderful Netflix streaming device.

    6.Retro Arcade Handheld Gaming System

    Tech Decoder- Retro Arcade Handheld Gaming System

    Just in case a full-sized arcade cabinet into your gamer’s den seems gigantic, it is a good time to opt for a handheld version. The best part is that it is encompassed with 200 games. This one is a must-have for people who adore larger-than-life gaming.

    Do comment below the unique equipment you read about for the first time here!

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