Travelling at 700mph in Hyperloop transit system

What we are referring to here is a super-fast transportation technology that will carry passengers and goods in floating pods racing inside of mega tubes, at a speed of 700 miles per hour. Crazy, right?

Is it for real?

Proposed in the year 2013 by Elon Musk in a white paper, Hyperloop is a ground-transportation system for carrying passengers and cargo.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO proposed a climate-neutral mode of transportation that includes giant tubes with air removed so as to minimize friction and pressurized pods, designed to advance at very high speeds. The pods float in the low-pressure tubes just like the puck floats on the air hockey table.

Hyperloop is expected to be more economic and quicker than car or train travel. A completely electrified system is ought to be cheaper and anti-polluting, compared to the airliners.

Though the proper routes for hyperloop transit have still not been laid down but the proposed potential routes include New York to Washington DC, Bratislava to Brno, Pune to Mumbai, Kansas City to St Louis, Vijayawada and Amaravati, etc.

Hyperloop technology is the concept which seems straight out of a science fiction. The speedy train-like network is banked on electric propulsion, contactless levitation and near-vacuum resulting in reduced aerodynamic drag.

The air-tube transit system is expected to run at an average speed of 600 mph, exceeding to a maximum speed of 760 mph. This system will connect major mobility hubs in  the metros in no time, offering many economic benefits.

Musk’s system, in theory as of now, is more beneficial and efficient than trains, airplanes and automobiles. Proposals and prototypes are being developed by numerous organizations like college engineering clubs and corporate companies with huge workforce to get the hyperloop network up and running.

Well, what can we say? Electric cars seemed like a thing of future a couple of years back, but now these things are everywhere. How would you feel about travelling faster than the airliners that too on ground, in vehicular capsules levitating in low-pressured tubes? Seems like the future is really here!

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