Space-Tech Framework Launched in Metaverse By KTR

Telangana’s administration launched Space-Tech Framework in Metaverse on April 19. In keeping with the Union government’s recent changes, the framework intends to foster private engagement in the space sector. The event was the first of its kind in India, and it was held on Metaverse.

KT Rama Rao, Telangana’s Minister for IT and Industries, Amitabh Kant, chief executive officer of NITI Aayog, S Somanath, head of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), and Dr. Pawan Goenka, chairman of the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe), were all present at the virtual event. The participants’ personalized avatars were created utilizing 360° photos/videos captured for the event and had a real-life appearance.

“In the past, we have seen several foreign private players amaze the world with technological advancements, but we know that the majority of them are supported by brilliant Indian scientists and engineers. But now, it is time that the technology developed by Indians is built in the country and then exported globally. It’s time that we occupy a larger share of the space industry that is expected to grow to $558 billion by 2026,” said Rao.

At the end of the event, the NFT collection corresponding to this one-of-a-kind event, which includes limited edition Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze virtual coins, was launched on Open Sea under the TSGovtEmergingTechnologies listing account.

According to the press release, the activities that will be conducted under the Space-Tech Framework will help to expedite the sector’s growth. The policy’s overall goals are to establish a worldwide Space-Tech technology cluster, to encourage space-related business and entrepreneurship, to attract worldwide partners and investments, to increase space-related manufacturing and position the country as an attractive destination and establish itself as a testing ground for remote sensing applications, particularly those related to socioeconomic development.

The decision to launch Telangana’s Space-Tech Foundation coincided with the latest nationwide policy changes throughout the sector and the state’s competitive edge owing to its robust SpaceTech ecosystem, which includes proven technology companies such as Ananth Technologies, MTAR, VEM Technologies, and start-ups such as Skyroot Aerospace and Dhruva Space.

The event was conducted by the state’s Emerging Technologies Wing of the Information Technology, Electronics, and Communications department and implemented by Gamitronics, a Hyderabad-based firm.

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