Rajat Khare on investing in multiple AI and ML-based companies

Many companies are now directly focusing on products related to AI and ML. It is very important to understand that the growing technological advancement will bring new changes to our society. With the right mindset and direction, millions of people are going to get better opportunities and services.

Many big organizations have not yet completely been able to adapt to the technology. Even though the sector is relatively popular now. We often question why many companies are still not yet interested in the sector. To analyze it, we can say that many of them have yet not completely understood the factors that drive the industry.

On the other hand, Rajat Khare, founder of Boundary Holding, has been actively investing in vast sectors. Recently they have invested in CYSEC, SKIDO, and Skilancer Solar. With all these important investments we can understand that the company has a focus on supporting organizations working on AI or renewable sources of energy.

We have been studying many different patterns to know the outcome of any possible event. With the help of AI, a predictive model can express the same at better speed and accuracy. In the future, we would be needing these technologies to automate those tasks that are just mend to be used for basic tasks.

An engineering degree from IIT-D has helped Rajat Khare in recognizing and appreciating the work that these companies are doing. Due to this a lot of new companies have also got an actual opportunity to display their full potential.

Most of the companies that are now coming up are based on SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. The combination of AI and ML with SaaS makes it clear to understand that they are here to stay. A lot of new organizations have successfully developed many business models around these technologies.

Amazon cloud computing and Microsoft Azure are already in the big race to provide a digital cloud-based platform to these organizations. This would enable to bring the technology closer to many people. Both of these giants have already realized that many companies would be needing a better platform for their software.

“Now is the most exciting time in the history of technology”

As an investor one always looks forward to diversifying his portfolio the most. Hence, it gets even better when your portfolio is diversified into various technologies. One thing is for sure the future is going to be full of new services and products purely based on AI. Therefore, it has become even more important to be a part of this change.

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