Huawei to launch test satellites for 6G tech verification

Chinese giant Huawei is all set to launch two test satellites in collaboration with two China-based companies in the coming month of July. The launch will verify Huawei’s recent development of 6G technology in the telecommunication domain.

Though the 5G network is well established in developed countries and is still setting its foot in developing countries, the technology is well past the breakthrough phase. Companies have now started developing the 6G network and Huawei per se, has the lead in that matter.

The global tech company announced that 6G network will be fifty times faster as compared to 5G and will be launched by 2030. The chairman of Huawei, Xu Zhijun announced the company’s intentions to launch equipment for 6G technology and a full-scale network in the coming 9 years. This announcement was made at the company’s global analyst conference in Shenzen according to the report by CGTN. Huawei also plans to publish a white paper to lay down an understanding for 6G in the industry.

Instead of relying on base stations for the transmission of signal in 5G network, satellite communication will be used in 6G, outsmarting the low penetrable base stations.

The research and development for 6G is in the initial stages and the Chinese government alongside research institutes has conducted initial meetings to establish national 6G technology research & development group.

In order to stimulate the economy of the nation, Chinese government and industry experts have devised a plan to vanguard 6G between 2021 and 2025 under the ‘digital China’ umbrella.

China made an advancement in speculating terahertz space communication technologies in the nation’s space field towards the end of last year. This was done by launching the first global 6 mG satellite from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in the Shanxi Province of North China.

The world has approved of China’s technological advancements and yet again we find the nation leading in the 6G network field.

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