ATTENTION GAMERS : Stay Safe From The Threats Posed by Online Gaming, Here is How

    Whether it is cyber-bullying or malware there are hundreds of risks and hidden charges, let’s read about the factors you need to be aware of before heading into online gaming!

    There are over 7.3 billion installs, in the gaming industry out of which, Indian users are topping the charts of the total number of mobile game downloads worldwide in 2020.

    Most games have competitive elements, these put the gamer against known or unknown highly inviting adversaries game. The good side of gaming is how useful it can be when it comes to developing skills, quick thinking and faster reflexes.

    Games can be addictive, primarily because they are designed to ensure that gamers keep returning. To eliminate the risk, it is best to set aside limited time for gaming, making sure that there is enough time for regular activities, exercise, and social interactions.

    1. Risk of undesirable interactions:

      Multiplayer games put anonymous players on the same platform. They can use built-in chat features and connect on sites like Discord. Sometimes cyberbullying and harassment too make their way. There is also the risk of their children interacting with sexual predators and criminals looking for unsuspecting minors.
    2. Risk of webcam access:

      Webcams are vulnerable elements. These can easily be hacked. In-built cameras on our phones and laptops increase the chances. If hacked, a webcam provides the hacker a way into the user’s device. Ensure that the camera stays ‘off’ if you are not using it to avoid these cube disasters. The camera can also be masked with masking tape.
    3. Malware risks:

      These days malware like Trojans and adware have become sophisticated enough to sneak into user’s devices even through legitimate purchases.
    4. Risk of hidden charges:

      Games today offer in-app purchases. They will offer you the game for free but you are very likely to make an app in purchases. These could get you a level up or get you more elements depending on the game.
    5. Risk of identity theft:

      Last year, there were 2.7 crore Indians whose identity theft had emerged as a major cyber security threat in the country. So before logging in to a game verify your security and save your system from unwanted viruses

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