Amazon Introduces New Tool for Automakers to Diagnose Cars

Amazon Web Services has introduced a brand new cloud-oriented data service to enable automakers diagnose problems they are facing in vehicles to avoid recalls and ensure safety. Not to forget, managing the data associated with it, the company said.

This new tool launched by Amazon is known as AWS IoT FleetWise. It is the latest invention in the company’s brand new AWS for Automotive portfolio of their products and services for the transport industry. It will be released on Tuesday at Inc’s annual re:Invent conference to be held in Las Vegas.

FleetWise allows consumes like transport providers and auto suppliers to accumulate, organize and transmit vehicle data to the cloud. Meanwhile, they standardize various data formats for making the data analysis simplified, as per Mike Tzamaloukas, general manager of AWS for Automotive.

He adds further, “As vehicles become more intelligent and advanced, the sheer amount of data produced from vehicles equipped with cameras and radars is growing exponentially.” Tzamaloukas was quoted as saying in an interview. The purpose of devising FleetWise was to make the fragmented data accessible to consumers across numerous vehicle types and fleet models.”

Fleetwise was created for complementing data-based services provided by automakers which are inclusive of General Motors’s OnStar and Ford Motor’s Ford Pro Intelligence, he quipped.

This brand new cloud service has arrived amid a wide array of cloud-to-vehicle and in-vehicle offers from AWS for Automotive and up to 184 business partners, as mentioned by Dean Phillips who is worldwide tech head for the business unit.

There is a significant amount of emphasis on the industry’s quick transition to software-based automobiles and systems. He further added that they’re doing their best to simplify the process so customers can find out solutions to their issues. He cited development of automated-driving cars and “digital customer engagement” including streamed services.

The AWS portfolio is inclusive of loud-defined computing, analytics, data storage and application development.

As Amazon never breaks out the actual value of its automotive cloud services business, the company’s AWS unit is growing. On Tuesday, AWS, one of the massive buyers of data centre processors, also launched new customized computing chips created to allow the customers overrule the cost of utilizing chips from Nvidia and Intel.  

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