5G is fast we know, is it safe?

5G promising faster networks, is the latest technology used to transmit data between appliances. It works by producing a type of energy called electromagnetic radiation. This network is more efficient and faster as it is backed by higher frequencies.

Yes, you will be able to relish that non-stop streaming experience, but in case you get sore eyes or a temperature hike afterwards, know that would be the electromagnetic field swamping in.

As per World Health organization (WHO), there is not enough research done on 5G frequencies yet, and we do find a lot of mixed opinions on the nascent wireless technology at present.

Some research states that there are no solid evidence of 5G radiation causing ill health in humans or animals. However, the other side accuses these researches of not reflecting real life conditions and severe adverse effects of toxic stimuli from the network.   

Several recent scientific publications RF-EMF have mentioned the effects on living organisms that happen to be well below most international and national guidelines. These include cellular stress, increased risk of cancer, genetic damages, surge in harmful free radicals, learning and memory slippage, neurological disorders, functional and structural changes to reproductive system, and an overall negative impact on the general well-being of humans and animals both.

In 2011, the International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC) at WHO, classified radiofrequency (RF) radiation in the frequency range of 30 kHz to 300 GHz (including 5G) as a ‘possible’ carcinogen for humans.

The results on the possible linkage between brain cancer and electromagnetic fields (EMF) as per the researches till date have been inconsistent.

Although, the researches clearly mentions that the major means by which radiofrequency fields interact with the human body is through tissue heating. It is a well-established fact that higher the frequency, lower the chances of its penetration in the tissue. So the frequencies are more likely to affect one’s external organs- eyes and skin, and not be able to penetrate in the brain tissue.

While we read through different schools of thoughts in this arena, we all have experienced the effects of using a cell phone for half an hour straight, be it over a call or watching a stream.

A great deal of experiments do not inculcate synergistic adverse effects of all the toxic stimuli from wireless radiation. Though some researches do not set a clear linkage between 5 G radiation and adverse health effects, others suggest the incipient 5G tech does not only affect the eyes and skin but also incur systemic effects.

As the ambiguity hints towards a no-risk paradigm, owed to industry ties, conflict of interests and cartel of individuals monopolizing evaluation committees for their own agendas, a clear answer in this regard is much awaited.

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